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Top 6 Auto Electrical Problems

Are you noticing any auto electrical problems recently? Is your vehicle’s electrical system running smoothly? No matter what vehicle you drive, you are likely to encounter at least one electrical problem during the automobile’s lifetime. Therefore, proper inspection of your electrical system is critical if you want your vehicle to run efficiently or even at all. Every system consists of various components including wires, fuses, relays, and other major electrical parts. If any of these parts forms a problem, you immediately risk both the safety and functionality of your vehicle. Whether it be powering the windows, mirrors, or even starting your vehicle, there is certainly a variety of issues that can occur which will indicate where the issue might be in your vehicle. To help you get an idea of what the necessary repair might be our team identified the top 6 electrical issues that we most commonly see in our automotive repair shop! Although we recommend seeing a professional for any repair, we wanted to give this information so that you might be able to identify these signs and save you time and money for when you bring your vehicle to your local auto repair shop!

1. Dead Battery

   A dead battery is the most obvious sign that there is a problem with your vehicle’s electrical system. Most batteries last around 5 years but can have shorter lifespans depending on how often you care for them. Check around for corroded cables as being the source of the issue and try to get a jump-start from a friend that will allow you to bring your vehicle to a trusted auto repair shop.

2. Failed/Loose Spark Plugs

   A loose spark plug is the easiest electrical issue to sort out unless your vehicle has multiple spark plugs that have issues that will require a visit to an auto repair professional. The biggest indicator that you are having problems with your fuse plugs is when your vehicle is experiencing rough idling or lurching.

3. Bad Battery Cables

   All vehicles are susceptible to worn out battery cables. Worn out battery cables are common for your vehicle and should be inspected routinely. The more corrosion that builds or the more you further damage your cables will result in more costly repairs down the road.

4. Insulation Damage

   If you smell a burning plastic smell while driving, it is a sign you have a short circuit and have a problem with your electrical system. If you notice this smell stop driving immediately and get your vehicle towed. Driving with damage to your insulation will surely result in further damage to your vehicle.

5. Bad Alternator

   This is one of the most common issues with your electrical system and is made apparent through a vehicle’s dimmed lights or headlights. If you notice this, get your alternator inspected because it means that it is not transferring enough power from your battery.

6. Faulty Starter

   If you are having trouble starting your vehicle, it could be a bad battery, alternator, or an issue with your starter. If it is accompanied by a grinding sound, it is most likely an issue with the starter.

We hope this article outlining the 6 causes of a vehicle’s electrical problem was helpful and allows you to save time and money. If you are noticing any of these symptoms or a problem, we suggest seeing an auto repair expert get to the root of the problem with a reliable diagnosis of the issue and a clear solution to get you back on the road quickly!